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Relentless Advance: Spiritual Gifts Intensive


David Fang

David Fang.jpg

There's not many times you meet a person and feel so very comfortable around that you find yourself  thinking.... I hope to be around them
again!  David is that genuine kind of person when you meet him. His love of people has taken him to places of challenge.  His answer is always a Yes. He's experienced the incredible touch of God in his life which causes his heart to arise and see people radically turned around and on the path of their destiny.

David loves seeing people overcome impossible odds to answer God. His heart jumps at courage.  It jumps from seeing healing take place that washes away pain and in its place laughter, hilarious laughter; seeing someone who thought they were nothing realize they are something, that they have value, that they belong.   He inspires. 

In addition to speaking in Churches and conferences across the United States and in Bible colleges internationally, David has had the opportunity to operate in the prophetic to bless many people who would otherwise have never set foot in a traditional church. 

David is Associate Ordained with Christian International Ministries under Bishop Bill Hamon. 

He also deeply enjoys caffeine, movies, and not doing cardio!  He's truly fun!   

He resides in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

Later Event: June 5
Encounter Night