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Vision Sunday

Join us for Vision Sunday as Pastor Malik shares the vision that God has given Relentless for this season. We want to see Heaven's realities in our everyday lives. In our families, relationships, work, school, and city. Heaven Come!

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The Void

Even the most incredible believers can still have places in our lives that are empty and meaningless. Where there is no direction, effectiveness, or control. These areas are often accompanied by feelings of hollowness and longing, and can be used by the enemy to hold us back from destiny and fulfillment. Join Pastor Ashley Edwards and learn how the word of God can redefine our parameters, to discern and act on the movement and hovering of Holy Spirit, and to take full authority over these parts of our lives. 

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Life of Abundance

Many of us live day to day within our own means and resources, believing that we are limited by our position and place in the natural. Join Pastor Malik Edwards for a message on the type of life God desires for us, where we can instead tap in to his limitless resources and connections for everything that we need. Nothing can hold us back once we realize who our supplier is!

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A New Normal

God is preparing our church for a new season. We will no longer be surprised when cancer is eliminated, limbs are restored, wayward people return, and marriages are renewed. The supernatural will become natural. It's time to overdose on faith now so we are ready for the new normal! 

Join special guest Pastor David Goochee as he delivers a special message for Relentless DC.

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No More Broken Cisterns

Many of us are seeking fulfillment in all the wrong places. Like a broken cistern trying catch the rain, we look to money, careers, people and things for satisfaction yet still feel empty. Join Pastor Tim Campbell for a powerful message that breaks this never ending cycle and shows us the only way we will ever be truly whole!

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Can You See Me?

Join Hawani Tessema as she demonstrates that choosing to see the one in front of us is standing in agreement with the one who sees it all, and that if we cannot see the one then we cannot see the harvest.

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