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Miracles Happen

The testimonies are everywhere. The sick are being healed, financial burdens removed, the dead resurrected, and even the laws of physics defied. Join Pastor Malik Edwards for a powerful message on how to believe God for your miracle. Miracles are for today and we can experience them first hand!

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Relentless Summer Series Part 2: The Spirit of Faith

No matter how big the enemy, how hard the circumstance, or how far away the goal, we will overcome! This is the attitude that is seen on those who win despite insurmountable odds and obstacles. In part two of the Relentless Summer Series, Pastor Malik Edwards teaches on how we as believers can have the spirit of faith within us and outwardly on us for everything that life throws our way. We are on the winning team!

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Relentless Summer Series Part 1: Get out!

We cannot have our feet in two places nor can we serve two masters. The 2018 Relentless Summer Series is kicked off with a message from Pastor Malik Edwards on removing ourselves from the things holding us back so that God can bring us in to the amazing things he has planned. God has not called us to be a common people, he has called us to be extraordinary!  

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