Small Groups




Here at Relentless we are passionate and purposeful about relationships. God has created us all with a desire to belong. One of the ways that we create this is through our small groups. Our desire is that you will find a group, make long-lasting friendships and make a stronger connection to God

Loving Your Kids on Purpose (Danny Silk)
Ashley & Branden

Wednesday. 7pm-8:30pm.  Triangle

Killing Kryptonite (John Bevere)
Jason & Michele Fortenberry;

Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm. Woodbridge.

God is Good (Bill Johnson)
Pastors Kevin & Connie Ikeda, Jacob & Virginia Price;,

Wednesday. 7pm-830pm. Springfield

Hollywood and the Ancient Text: God can speak to us through Movies and TV
Jay Lalime & Paul Nicholas;,

Thursday. 7:30pm-9pm. Springfield

Fellowship & Movie Night
Angalie & Marc Smith;

Monday. 7pm-9pm. Alexandria

Powerful Prayer .                                                                                                                      Gifty Mensah & Barbara Frimpong;,

The Purple Book: Biblical Foundation for Building Strong Foundation
Pastor Malik Edwards and Doward Hicks,

Wednesday. 7pm-830pm. Starbucks in Springfield Town Center

Deliverance & Breakthrough
Pastor Ashley Edwards & Rachel Nicholas;

Monday Night. 7:30pm-9pm. Lighthouse Church. 5200 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria

 Saturday Fun.                                                                                                                             Jim and Andrea Jones

Saturday. 9am. This group will meet at different places so stay tuned